Thursday, September 12, 2013

Too Long Gone....

My dearest foodies.  I haven't forgotten you.  I haven't left you.  I've merely been too busy drinking water and running to remember to take pictures of my food.  But tonight!! Ah, tonight I have great, simple, veggie fajitas!!

Now, I've said before, and I'll say it again.  I LOVE all of my Pampered Chef products.  (If you are interested purchasing any PC products, feel free to email me with questions!)  They are long lasting and versatile, and make cooking so much easier.  For this recipe, I used the Round Covered Baker, the can opener, the Simple Slicer, and Chipotle rub.

3 large portabella mushrooms (or cheat like I did and buy a package of them pre-sliced)
1 small/medium onion
1 bell pepper
seasoning of choice

Optional Ingredients:
Refried beans (vegetarian)
Vegan cheese

Take your mushrooms, onion, and bell pepper and slice them up and put in the Round Covered Baker.  Add your seasoning of choice and toss veggies.

Next, put on the lid, and microwave for 6 minutes.  SIX MINUTES!!  Seriously, that quick.  While your veggies are cooking, open up that *giggle* optional can of beans.  I laugh, because who has fajitas without beans?? Or guac for that matter.  It's unheard of!  Anyway, open the beans and put them in a bowl to microwave, or do it on the stove.  I did it in the microwave, because I didn't want to dirty up a pot.

A little trick to getting the beans out easier:  Open both sides of the can and the beans will slide right out.  No lie!! That is one thing I love about the PC can opener.  I can run it around one side and just flip the can over (not suggested for soupy/runny things) and then run it around the other side.  Then I pick the can up and pull off both sides.  This works for refried beans, tomato paste... and I'm sure other things, but that is what I use this trick for.  Let me know if you think of something else!
So, after the veggies are done, pop the beans in for 2 minutes or so, until your desired warmness is achieved. 

Enjoy with your favorite tortillas!  Unfortunately, I was too busy stuffing my face to show you what my finished fajitas looked like.  Well, that's partially true.  I take dinner to my husband at work.  And I was busy chatting with him and eating to remember to take a picture.  Sorry!

Suffice to say, it was good.  My omni husband didn't mention that there was no meat, which he is fond of doing with meals that he's not crazy about.  I'd say this is a win!

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