Tuesday, January 7, 2014

I'm a terrible blogger.....

I taunt and tantalize you with delicious food, and promises of being around... alas, life happens and I've been otherwise occupied.  But, I have no other plans in the foreseeable future, so I am all yours :)

First, I assure you that I have still been cooking all this time, just not taking pictures and blogging about it.  For my "Welcome Back" recipe, I am trying something I never even liked as an omni - "meat"loaf.  Of course, this version has no meat.  I haven't actually eaten it yet - as I am actually STILL cooking it.  But I figured if I put this (blogging) off anymore, I just would never get back to it.
So, here I am, making Dreena's No-fu Love Loaf  from the Fat Free Vegan blog.  The pictures that Susan has posted are MUCH prettier than mine.  If you're looking for food porn, I'm afraid you won't find it here today.  I will post the picture I took just before putting my loaf in the oven though.....

Now, this picture is terrible.  I know that, and I apologize, but this is what you get from a quick snap with a phone.  Also, the pan you see UNDER my loaf is the original pan I was going to use for this.  It's an individual portion pan from The Pampered Chef.  If you are interested in this, or have any questions, feel free to email me. 

I will update this post once the loaf is finished cooking and I have sliced it - for better pictures and all.  Hope you're all glad to see me back here.  Sorry it took so long.

Okay.  It's done cooking.  I have more pictures.  Here goes:

This delicious looking thing just came out of the oven.  It smells DELICIOUS!   I wanted to dive right in, but I still had to WAIT 15 minutes (per the recipe) to let it finish setting.... oddly, just like a cake.  Now I want cake....

 Here are what I made for Hubby's dinner.  I take his dinner to him at work, since we work conflicting shifts and hardly see each other.  He opened it and said, "It smells like meat loaf.  Which is weird."  He then proceeded to eat it all and say it tasted pretty good.

If you will look to your right, you will now see my plate.  I am so excited to say this is pretty tasty.  I was concerned, since I never liked meat loaf, but this is NOT meat loaf.  It's.... DELICIOUS loaf :P  I urge you all to try this.  It is easy and taste good and got the seal of approval from my omni husband.  Can't go wrong there.  My favorite thing about this is that there's no fake meat.  I don't always like the taste of seitan and tempeh, and my husband isn't a huge fan of tofu, so if we can avoid the fake meats, it's a plus.  I'm sure I'm not the only one that isn't fond of all the fake stuff.....

It doesn't look like it in this picture, but I still have just under half of this loaf left.  I think it will set up very nice in the 'fridge tonight and will make a killer lunch tomorrow. 

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