Monday, February 17, 2014

Happy (Late) Valentine's Day!

Have I mentioned that I have an amazing husband?  While most girls were breaking their diets (or postponing diets) for Valentine's chocolates and trying to find a vase for the roses, my amazing husband took me out to Barnes and Nobles and let me get any 2 cook books I want!  Isn't he great!?  So, I got The Happy Herbivore 

And I had to order Betty Goes Vegan

I am so excited about both of these books!  I've already made several recipes from The Happy Herbivore and loved them all - Hubby did too!  I'm looking forward to trying out the recipes in Betty Goes Vegan too :)

While we wait, I'll share a couple of my recipe trials with you.  For dinner tonight, I made the fettuccine alfredo - except I used bow ties:

This isn't the BEST picture, but I just remembered to snap it as I was headed to take dinner to my husband at work.  This was SO easy.  The longest part was literally cooking the pasta.  I do suggest eating kind of immediately, as it got a little crusty by the time I was able to eat (about 30 - 40 minutes later).  It still tasted amazing, but it didn't look as appealing.

On Saturday, I decided to try out the black bean brownies I've heard everyone raving about.  We decided to use the "Mexican Hot Chocolate" version of the recipe - just add a dash of cayenne. They are amazing!  Hubby and I were both leery, "Beans in brownies?  Who does that?!"  Well, we do now, let me tell you.  They are also great as  a base for an ice cream sundae :)

Try out these recipes and others found on the Happy Herbivore website, linked above!

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