Monday, February 3, 2014

Soup. It's What's For Dinner

Happy Monday!  Man, I'm slacking again.  Last we were here, I promised to blog again on the next day.  Here we are... I think a week or 2 later.  Here's what you missed:

Photo from: Vegan Richa

I was in a rush to make lunch for Hubby, so I forgot to take pictures.  Sorry :(
While I am not a huge fan of buffalo, Hubby and I both enjoyed this.  I think we should have done more buffalo sauce in the cooking millet, and less on the sandwich.  But that's just my opinion. 

Now, for today.

Soup.  I've never been a huge fan, but in the past few weeks, I have been craving soup almost as much as my husband - which is a lot.  I am making soup every chance I get!  Tonight, Hubby isn't feeling well and requested soup for dinner, so off to the internet I go, in search of a delicious sounding recipe.  At last, I prevailed and found something that sounded good to Hubby AND to me.   

Enter quinoa and veggies, stage right.

These are not the exact veggies in the recipe found at Oh She Glows.  I had made some roasted veggies for the Super Bowl party at my In-Laws last night, and this is mostly what was left over.  A mix of squash, onion, eggplant, bell pepper, and mushrooms.  I had carrots in the 'fridge, so I cut up a couple of those also.  I could not find my garlic press (very sad, since I love my PC garlic press... ) so I didn't add any garlic here. 

Now, this is not the most appetizing picture in the world, but trust me, it smelled amazing.  I was missing diced tomatoes and spinach, so I didn't add them (obviously). Instead, I used broccoli.  Steamed broccoli, to be exact.  I didn't steam it all the way done, since I didn't want it to turn to mush in the soup.  At this point, I added some granulated garlic.  I did not use salt or pepper.  I avoid any added salt whenever possible.  I was also missing nutmeg - which I mostly only use at Christmas time with egg (now egg-less) nog.  I can see how it would have added to the flavor, but I don't think it turned out bad without it.  I let this simmer for about 15 minutes before I couldn't wait any longer.

I took Angela's advice and added some walnuts.  I think it gives the soup a well-rounded, robust taste.  This soup is seriously good.  See I couldn't even wait until I was done eating to tell you guys:


Now, I have a question.  For you guys that ARE actually reading this (thank you, by the way), what would you like to see?  I am willing to try most recipes... plant based, that is.  Let me know :)

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