Monday, August 26, 2013

Basic Plant Powered Meal

  Okay.  I have to apologize, no picture of dinner tonight.  But it was great.  Trust me.  For lunch, my husband made black beans and rice.  This is not a complex meal, and I'm sure we've all had this at one point or another.  I personally have never made it, so I default to Hubby for directions:
  Take 1 bag of beans (or 2, depending on how much beans you want) and put them in a pot with water.  Hubby says use twice as much water as beans.  Season the beans how you like.  Hubby used salt, pepper, cumin, garlic, cayenne, and chili powder.  Once the beans start to get soft, add a cup of rice and another 2 cups of water.  At this point, you can add other things.  Hubby added a can of diced tomatoes.  You could use onion, bell pepper, carrots.... of course, in my opinion, this turns it more into a chili or stew rather than beans and rice... but that's just my opinion.  Now you cover and let all the goodies cook together until the beans and rice are at desired done-ness.  :)
  Now, unless you're feeding a small army or a large family, you WILL have leftovers.  It's unavoidable.  Unless you really, REALLY love beans and rice... and I think even then it would be hard to finish this all at once.  That is why I will share a picture tomorrow! 

  Unrelated to food, but just to brag on me, I did a bit of a workout tonight - my first in 4 days.  Went swimming.  I was at the pool for 1.5 hrs.... I spent a whole hour of that time swimming around, illogically scared of what appeared to be a bat perched on the underside of the umbrella where my things were. 
  To my knowledge, I've never been scared of a bat before, but for some reason, I couldn't convince myself just to go get my things.  What FINALLY pushed my over the edge was this couple that came down to the pool and sunk down in the hot tub... I don't want to know what all was happening over there, but I didn't want to stay in the pool any longer - it felt a bit tainted. 
  So, I gathered my nerve and went over to the table and quickly grabbed my shoes and cover up, and glanced up.  The creature that had held me captive in the pool for an hour - the one I thought was a bat - was a moth.  A HUGE moth, but a moth none the less.  And I felt silly.  The end.

  Have a nice evening, folks - and don't get scared by moths!!  :)

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